Thursday, June 7, 2007

Diagramming the Greek text

A skill that I am still developing is sentence diagramming the text as part of sermon preparation. I became more recently motivated to look at it again when reading "12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching" by Wayne McDill. He calls it "Structural Diagramming"

My first re-introduction to this was about a year ago at the Libronix national camp in Bellingham I attended. I know that in Libronix I can do it, but I never understood (still don't) the add-in feature that they have. I admit to not paying a lot of attention when I had sentence diagramming 40 or so years ago in elementary school (Although WE had it--I don't think they do it in school anymore).

But today I ran across what I hope will be a helpful tool . "NT Greek in Diagram" is a downloadable resource where not the English, but instead, the Greek text is diagrammed. ( SinceI am preaching on I Corinthians, I downloaded the I Corinthians section ($9.95). You can set up a subscription where you can get all the NT diagrams for $44.95. I thought I would try out one book and see how I like THAT before I sign up for the whole thing. Although, if it is good, $44 is pretty fair. I still wish there was a place to find ENGLISH diagrams of the New Testament. But using this tool should help me continue my quest to brush up on my NT Greek as well as help me understand diagramming better.

If you have found any Greek (or especially English) diagramming tools helpful, I would appreciate hearing from you about them.

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