Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Helps for Communication

In looking through my sermon files, I came across this list that I found helpful. Unfortunately it is hand-written and I have no idea where it came from! If anyone knows the source of this, I would deeply appreciate being able to credit it.

Helps for Communication

1. Try to plan preaching a year at a time

a. Period One-General reading, pray & calendar building (Read good books on preaching)

b. Period Two-Plan the several series you will include

      • Sometimes note secular holidays
      • Include a Christian family series
      • Give associates the text (or a choice of several texts) to preach on
      • Preach 2/3 NT and 1/3 OT

c. Period Three—Six The development of each quarter at a time

2. Study the crowd and never stop studying the crowd

a. Books of surveys by Lon Harris (this is dated. I would replace it with George Barna)

b. Work

c. Home

d. Recreation

3. Sharpen points on some of your words and phrases. George Buttrick said: “Good diction is not using unusually words, but usual words in unusual ways.”

Good example: Frederick Buechner’s sermon on Jonah

4. Preach what you believe, not what you don’t believe.

5. Listen to good writers in terms of style

6. Economize on words

a. Don’t repeat over and over the idea of the sermon

b. Every 7-8 minutes everybody in the congregation has a serious problem with lack of attention. Don’t try to feed a congregation the whole load all in one Sunday

7. Have a point. Consider one-point preaching

8. Believe that preaching is important—anything less is prostitution.

9. Vary your preaching style—if you become predictable, people will listen to you less.

10. Try writing and memorizing every word of your conclusion.

11. Pray for ten people in the congregation every day.

12. Whatever age you are, pay little attention to your “barrel”

13. Get a good night’s rest so you can stay alert.

14. Be real, intense, and “into” the whole service. (Pay attention to the music). Posture and carriage are important.

15. “It’s better to assault a mountain, than to excavate a molehill” –George Buttrick

16. People identify with people and human illustrations.

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