Sunday, June 24, 2007

Prayer and Study for Sermons

When ask whether the role of prayer has become more or less important to him in his preaching ministry, Fred Craddock said in an interview in 2000:

"Well, for me, it's become more. More important. In fact, there is with the advancing of my life, maturing I hope, a blurring of the distinctions between praying and studying. Between worshipping and preaching. A sense of the presence of God which is what I think most people expect of the sermon. But in my own case, students who ask me, "Now how much time to you spend in prayer? How much time to you spend in study?" Study becomes prayer. Prayer becomes study. You love the Lord your God with all your mind. I don't know when I'm doing which, but I think if you were to ask me in your judgment which it is, I think the preparation of the sermon has become a more extended time of prayer than it was before."

Oh that I could reach towards that goal!!

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