Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Common Pitfalls with Expository Preaching

Paul Lamey at Expository Thoughts blog gives an excellent list of cautions in preparing expository sermons.

Here are a few things we all struggle with at times. These are items to either avoid or amend in our expository preaching (in no particular order):

  1. Not taking enough time to observe the text of Scripture.
  2. Observing things that are not there or are not significant.
  3. Not checking and double-checking your observations.
  4. Rushing exegesis for the sake of exposition.
  5. Being slavishly dependent on commentaries.
  6. Preaching too long.
  7. Preaching too short.
  8. Missing the point(s) of a passage.
  9. Abusing the aorist tense .
  10. Losing site [sic] of the context.
  11. Having all heat (passion) and no light (content).
  12. Having all light and no heat.
  13. Flattening out a text for the sake of a theological system.
  14. Erecting a theological “mountain” in the place of a mere theological “hill.”

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