Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jay Adams on Application

As a part of a bigger discussion on "Is Application Necessary in Expository Preaching" (which actually has some helpful insights), Paul Lamey over at Expository Thoughts blog quotes Jay Adams in his book Truth Applied (pg. 54), Adams offers a few questions which help aid the expositor in thinking through application:

1) What is the telos [end, or purpose] of the preaching portion? Is that also the telos of your sermon?

2) In what sort of situation does the telos occur? What was going on? To what is it addressed?

3) In the passage, who is doing what about the situation

  • to understand it?
  • to change it?
  • to complicate it?

4) How does God view the situation? Is He

  • Pleased with it?
  • Displeased with it?

5) What response does He require?

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At the Table said...

I have stumbled on your blog and offer the following observations.I can certainly appreciate your love for the Lord and pray he will continue to work in your life and the congregation you shepherd. These comments are more directed to the American evangelical church.When did such worry with a sermon originate ? Have we become so caught up in the Big Show that we spend hours and days stressing over a message that should be simple,honest, and short ? Some observations on the American non denominational Church :

1. You have replaced the altar of God with a band and pushed the cross of Christ aside to make room for your big screens.
2. Unlike the early church you have built the big show around the preaching not around the Lord's Supper where it belongs.
3. You have only individual prayer and nothing corporate that links the people to a sense of community.
4. You have good little prayer verses on why people should give. Then without lifting the offerings up to the Lord you walk out the back door.
5. There is no period of silence or reflection to reflect on the bible readings or message before communion.
6. How relevant do we need to be to the culture ? Or have we become the culture ?
7. When we go to worship are we going for a bible study ? There are times for that apart from the sunday service. Fill in the blanks and big screens are for the corporate meetings or study not worship. By the time someone has filled in a blank they have missed your last twenty five words.

Be still and know that I am God

These observations were not meant in a mean spirited way but only as something to reflect upon as we ask ourselves what it means to worship the Lord.

Cal Habig said...

Because you have not had the courage to leave your name or contact information, I will do what I do with all anonymous correspondence and ignore it. I have no idea if you know me, the church I serve or the context in which we proclaim the gospel. In the future, I would ask that if you post, if you would please at least make some attempt to comment on the content of the blog entry to which you are replying.

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