Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Four Types of Preaching

Myron Taylor again speaks at how preaching is/was a varied activity. Instead of the more typical divisions of exegetical, expository, topical preaching, he points out four ancient basic forms:
    • Kerygma. Literally means a herald's announcement and is a plain statement of the facts of the Christian message.
    • Didache literally means teaching and it elucidated and worked out the meanings, the significances, the implications of the facts which have been proclaimed.
    • There is paraklesis or exhortation. That kind of preaching urges upon men and women the duty and the obligation of fitting their lives to match the kerygma and the didache which they have just received.
    • There is homilia which means the treatment of any subject or department of life in light of the Christian message. I Corinthians; household passages; relation to the State; Book of Revelation.
Fully rounded preaching has preaching has something of all four elements. There is the plain proclamation of the facts of the Christian gospel; the explanation of the meaning and the relevance of these facts; the exhortation to fit life to them; and the treatment of all activities of life in the light of the Christian messages.

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