Monday, August 20, 2007

Myron Taylor-The Priority of Preaching

Many moons ago, I heard Myron Taylor speak at some conference at Manhattan Christian College (my alma mater) in Manhattan, KS. I came across my notes from that lecture recently and found them helpful. In thinking through why we do what we do, his lecture on the Priority of Preaching was good. Imagine my delight and surprise to find that the lecture I heard many years ago is available in an updated format on his web site. ( In fact, at 83 years young, he is still going strong and recently completed teaching a summer school class at another of my alma mater's, Emmanuel School of Religion.

Some of my notes on that long-lost lecture:

If we study the Bible, we see that preaching has a priority

  • Jesus came preaching. “God had only one son and he made him a preacher.” –Thomas Goodwin
  • From the beginning the church was a preaching church (Acts 6:4)2. Theologians have been more convinced of and excited about preaching than preachers have.
  • When you look at the history of preaching, you see that the high times of the church—the times of revival & reformation—have been times of great preaching. Low periods of the church have been low periods of preaching.

Preaching today
  • We are losing our ability to concentrate
  • Commercialism has resulted in our loss of vocabulary
  • As a result of propogandism, the better a speaker is today, the more he is suspected of insincerely trying to put things over on his hearers.

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