Sunday, August 19, 2007

White Preaching Too Acculturated?

Myron Taylor writes:

"When the story of this century is finally written the preaching of the black preachers in the South will fill one glorious chapter. They had a cause which was just, they had courage to buck the tide, they paid the price in prison and in death. Most white preachers of our time are too much a part of the establishment – to much acculturated – adapted to the culture – to deliver the message our nation and our world needs to hear. One example is the lack of preaching and of action in behalf of the growing numbers of the poor in our land and around the world. Read your Bible again with a view to seeing what it says about the poor."

While I have long recognized that this is true, how do you overcome that? Is simply reading what the Bible says about the poor enough? Is traveling to other cultures and then returning to your own part of the answer? You see things with fresh eyes when you do that. I found that to be especially true after each of my trips to eastern Europe. Not so much Mexico...they seem to want to be too much LIKE north Americans. But eastern Europeans are different. I am finding rediscovering Sojourners magazine helpful in doing this, but what other resources are out there. Have you found any?

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