Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Wittenburg Door Day!

On this date, (Oct. 31, 1517) 490 years ago, Martin Luther (1483-1546) traditionally posted his 95 theses which he desired to debate about practices in the Catholic church. That is one of the forces that precipitated the Protestant Reformation. Luther held strongly to the authority of the Scriptures and emphasized justification by faith.

Luther s gave what I consider to be an excellent list of qualifications for a preacher:
  • Should be able to teach plainly and in order
  • Have a good head
  • Good power of language
  • Good voice
  • Good memory
  • Know when to stop
  • Be sure of what he means to say
  • Stake body and soul, goods and reputation on the Word
  • Study Diligently
  • Suffer Himself to be vexed and Criticized by everyone.
I appreciate this list. I think that it is a good balance of intellectual, spiritual and physical /practical requirements for preaching.

How are you doing? What would you add or subtract?

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