Monday, December 31, 2007

Preachers Prayer for 2008 (and beyond)

For the past, oh, fifteen years or so, I have had a prayer taped prayer onto the front of my sermon preparation notebook.  At times I have paid more attention to it than others.  I am not sure where it came is something I have typed up from someone else.  (If you know the source, I would deeply appreciate you letting me know so that I can properly credit it).

It summarizes my prayer for myself and my preaching as we enter into 2008.  It is also my prayer for you that this is true of you as well.

"Lord, here's my mind.  Think your thoughts in me.  Be my wisdom, knowledge and insight.  Here's my voice.  You told me not to worry about what I am to say but that it would be given me what to say and how to say it.  Free me to speak with silence or words, whichever is needed.  Give me your timing and tenderness. Now Lord, here's my body, release creative affection in my face, in my touch, in my embrace.  And Christ, if there is something I am to do by your indwelling presence, however menial or tough. control my will to do it.  Lord, I am ready now to be your manifest intervention in situations, to infuse joy, affirm growth or absorb pain and aching anguish.  I plan to live this day and the rest of my life in the reality of you in me.  Thank you for making it so. So, Lord Jesus, speak to us in your strong name.  Amen." 

May God bless you and your service for him in the New Year.  Come Lord Jesus, come. 

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