Friday, January 25, 2008

7 Powerful Steps to Overcoming Resistance and Actually Getting Stuff Done

One of the secular blogs I read image (actually it is not secular, it is Buddhist) is ZenHabits. I came across it when I was new to the Getting Things Done practices. I have found it helpful to me on several levels, mostly dealing with productivity.

Today Leo Babauta of ZH has a post that is drawn from the book "The War of Art." It involves seven steps to overcoming resistance and actually getting stuff done.

He is dealing with writers and artists and such, but I find that what he says is directly applicable to sermon work. Whether it is actually doing a yearly plan of preaching and getting it to Will (my worship pastor) or if it is doing the hard spade work (more fun than hard for me actually) of language and grammar work on a text, it is so much easier to get distracted.

Here in a nutshell are his seven steps, but you really should pop over to his site to read what he says about it.

1. Become aware that we struggle with resistance and put up reminders to ourselves that we struggle with it.

2. Become a pro. He says, "The professional, unlike the amateur, comes to work ready to work. He’s doing it for a living (and loves what he does) and knows that as long as he shows up and starts working, the rest will come."

3. Be very clear about what you want to accomplish today, and focus. Don't over estimate, but finish one or two things of importance.

4. Clear away distractions. (One of my problems is that I get distracted by cleaning up distractions. That means I am not using my GTD Inbox properly and not putting everything back in its place when I am done with it).

5. Have a time and place. Know when you are most productive. Set a starting time and start. No exceptions.

6. Know your motivation. (Why is preaching important? Why are you doing this work of ministry? What are you trying to accomplish at this church, in people's lives, in yourself?)

7. Just start

Again, find the full post here.

(And now, I am going to stop blogging and get to work on that year sermon plan for Will.)

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