Friday, January 4, 2008

Church Leader’s Top 5 Weaknesses


Last month, I saw a note that listed pastor's self-declared top weaknesses/mistakes. It is sobering to think that these would probably be among my top 7 or 8.

The top five weaknesses that they are willing to admit are:

  • Pastoral Ministry - 3 out of 4 admit their number one leadership weakness is providing personal pastoral ministry. Pastoral ministry is defined as counseling, doing hospital visitation and performing weddings and funerals, to name a few of the responsibilities.
  • Lack of Patience - Another top weakness among effective church leaders is that they are task driven. More than 7 out of 10 indicate they are impatient to see objectives accomplished. Contributing to this dilemma is the fact that most American churches are notoriously resistant to change.
  • Dealing with Staff - 7 out of 10 considered their staff leadership skills to be weak.
  • Dealing with Criticism - Nearly 7 out of 10 effective church leaders struggle with handling or avoiding criticism.
  • Always Task-Driven - The dominant leadership style noted was "task-oriented." Task-driven or oriented is defined as "high interest in production and getting things "done." When a leader is always task-driven, sometimes to the exclusion of relational issues, there is a tendency to fail to take people's feelings into consideration. It's good to be task-driven, but it's not good to be so driven that you forget about people.
Adapted from Lessons on Integrity:A Tribute to James Draper by Tom Rainer, Christian Post 8/13/07 as found in Church Leaders Intelligence Report, 12/5/07

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