Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Lesson in Humility

Absolutely true story: [LATER EDIT: MY STAFF THOUGHT THIS WAS JUST A FUNNY PREACHER STORY THAT I FOUND SOMEWHERE. No, people...this happened to ME last Sunday 1/6/08!]

This morning after first worship service a lady sought me out "to thank me". This is not a woman who is critical of me or a pain in the side. She is relatively new in our body, but I have been able to minister to her family in several medical crises, she is always verbally supportive and she attends fairly regularly.

She came up and sincerely wanted to thank me "for helping her son improve his math." I looked at her in a puzzled way because I genuinely had NO IDEA what this woman was talking about. She said "A while back during one of your sermons, my son [about 10 years old] leaned over and said 'This is REALLY boring...I'd rather be doing math!" (She noted that he absolutely hates math...thanks, I needed to hear that...) So she took him up on his offer and began to bring math worksheets for him to do during my sermon and his math scores in school have noticeably improved!! She wanted to thank me for helping her son improve his math.

You're welcome...I think...

Thank you Lord for another lesson in humility--it's not all about me. Thou art the potter... I am the clay.

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Anonymous said...

It could be worse if his scores had gone down! At least they have improved. :)


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