Saturday, February 23, 2008

Heisler: The Ingredient Lacking in Our Preaching

Spirit led Preaching

Continuing to share quotes that struck me from Greg Heisler's excellent book on the Holy Spirit and Preaching: 

"Let's face the facts for a moment. We have more commentaries today than we know what to do with or have time to read, so understanding the text should not be the problem. We have access to millions of illustrations with Google and the Web. We have entire Web sites dedicated to helping us preach, and we have powerful computer software that can exegete the Hebrew and Greek text for us at the click of a mouse. Even when it comes to delivery, we have programs like PowerPoint to help us present our message in a visually stimulating way. We are spoiled indeed! So why, even with all these wonderful tools and technologies, do our sermons come across as boring, uninteresting, irrelevant, and uninspiring?

Could it be that the most important ingredient to engaging and powerful preaching cannot be boxed up and sold on a shelf or downloaded from the Web? Could it be that the reason our sermons are so passionless and powerless today is not that we lack resources but that we lack power supernatural power? Yes, we have made ourselves more efficient, but has the Spirit made our messages more powerful?" (p. 9)

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