Monday, February 11, 2008

John Piper on the State of Preaching

I came across this clip from John Piper today re: the state of preaching.  I would affirm what he says.  When we do not preach from a conviction that Christ working through the Word of God can change men and women's lives, then our preaching lacks the power we are called to have. 


Not to nitpick, but I think his comments about illustrations, video clips, etc. is misdirected.  I would alter what he says to say that if we use illustrations, video clips, etc. to BE THE POWER of the sermon, it is indeed sad.  I have no problem with (and many times have used) illustrations and video clips to show the need for the main idea of the message or to show how it can be lived out.  But that is really nitpicking what he is saying.  All in all, I believe a helpful video clip. 

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