Monday, February 25, 2008

Spirit-Led Preaching: Some Highlights

Spirit led PreachingSome quotes that particularly struck me from Heisler's Spirit-Led Preaching (besides the other ones on which I have already blogged):

p. 84: "I pray that your character will keep you where the call of God places you.  Preachers sometimes let their talent take them where their character cannot keep them."

pp. 118-19:  "What are the responsibilities given to the congregation for the preaching of the Word? 

  • First of all, we must teach the flock who the Spirit is and what they can expect him to do in their lives
  • Second, teach the church that the Holy Spirit can be quenched and grieved.
  • The third truth the congregation needs to be taught is that the goal of all preaching is the glory of God.
  • Fourth, teach the congregation to pray. 

Heisler has good expansions on each topic.

p. 75: "The man with a chip on his shoulder has no room for a cross on his back."

P. 64: "Christological preaching happens when we build the theological component of our message upon one significant question:  How does this text testify to the person and work of Jesus Christ?  Whether preaching in the Old Testament or in the New Testament, we should constantly seek to understand how Christ's death, burial and resurrection fulfill the redemptive focus of the text that we are preaching."

(I now think I am done blogging great stuff from SLP. Obviously I think it is an excellent book worth your time..)

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