Thursday, March 13, 2008

Driscoll: What Do You Ask Yourself When Preparing to Preach


I was hoping to get to the Text & Context Conference at Mars Hill Church in Seattle last month & then was bummed because it sold out.  (It was my fault for procrastinating registering).  But yesterday Justin Buzzard (who WAS at the conference) noted that the video & audio of the conference was now online.  I immediately began downloading like a fiend. 

This morning I listened to a short 2 minute clip of Mark Driscoll speak about what he asks himself when he prepares to speak.  Here is my outline of what he had to say: 


What Do You Ask Yourself When Preparing to Preach

1. What does the scripture say?

    1. Look at original Greek & Hebrew
    2. Pray & meditate on scriptures

2. Practically, what does it mean?

    1. Interpretative, hermeneutical, exegetical aspect
    2. I know what it says, but practically what does it mean?

3. How or why do we resist it?

    1. Romans 1-we have a propensity to suppress the truth so we can continue in the unrighteousness of our deeds
    2. I assume that I and others when we hear the word of God will not initially gladly receive it. We become hard hearted, obstinate. rebellious We will contend against scripture
    3. Question is: In what ways will people have objections, dismissals?
    4. One of great qualities of Puritan preaching: they would work to predict which ways there would be resist to the scriptures & then they would object to those objections. Contend in an apologetical way to fight against those objections
    5. It is not just enough to preach scripture, but must assume that resistance is coming and then try to defeat & disarm those objections so the hearer is continually forced to continually contend with the truth of God’s Word.

4. How does this apply to our mission?

    1. What has God called us to individually, in our families, in our church, for our city, to our culture & the mission he has us on as a people.
    2. Not just personal application, but family application, application to our church, to our mission to bring the good news to bring the love of God to our city & culture?
    3. Incredibly important—otherwise they will know some scripture but not be able to live a life that will allow them to be an agent of transformation in our world.

Numbers three and four are particularly helpful for me to keep in mind as I prepare.  I tend to think too often that if people understand what it means that they only need a little help in application.  But I think the idea of predicting & addressing resistance is important.  I also am not strong in keeping us focused on the concept of mission, so his words are very instructive to me. 

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