Friday, March 28, 2008

A Few Days Away...Cut Short

1000 Trails 015Loretta and I have been away from Portland for a couple of days...and I have been away from blogging. I didn't mention it before we left, because twice before I have mentioned that I was going to be away and probably unable to blog and then ended up being able to blog just as much or more than normal. The campsite where my wife and I were going (on a maiden voyage of our new camper) advertised that they had wireless access. Plus I knew that I could log on by harnessing my cell phone to my laptop. So, problem logging on & no problem blogging. Wrong again. The campsite (a 1000 Trails private "preserve") had VERY limited wireless access. So much so that I was only able to log on using their server once & their service was incredibly slow. Additionally, I did not have cell no Internet & no blogging. 1000 Trails 020

We were planning on getting away for a three day get-away. Last year, our pop-up camping trailer died (filled with water & mold). We went all last summer without camping and then didn't want to buy something until spring (buying earlier just would mean having to pay to store it through the winter). But a few weeks back we found a camper that Loretta and I fell in love with and this week (W-Sat) was to be our maiden voyage.

There are lots of stories to tell with the trip, but the biggest 1000 Trails 011 one is the biggest disappointment. We needed to be back for a farewell roast for my children's pastor Saturday night and, of course, I needed to be back to preach on Sunday. There was a freak snowstorm on the beach last night which closed most of the roads over the coastal mountain range that separates Portland from the Oregon coast. The roads opened up briefly late today, but they were anticipating them to be closed again overnight & through much of tomorrow because they were expecting so much snow. (This is the latest in the season they have ever had snow on most of the NW Oregon coast [bigger snow pict here]). So Loretta and I had to come back a day early. Since this was our maiden voyage, there was a lot of time spent familiarizing ourselves with new things. We were really ready to relax, when we were told if that we wanted to get out, we had to get out NOW. So...fairly unhappy...we loaded up and came home. Oh well...hopefully we will be able to get away next month. I did get a course syllabus written for an online course I am going to be teaching and got good progress done on my leadership development e-book that will be ready (hopefully) soon. But I had hoped to get so much more done. I will put a couple of pics of our trip with this post. Next time...more on preaching.

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