Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knowing All the Bible, but Specialist in a Few

image Eleven years ago, I took a class at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs from Bobby Clinton of Fuller Theological Seminary on Lifelong Leadership Development. (It was probably the best class in my entire Fuller D.Min. program). But I was challenged with the idea of being familiar with all of Scripture but a specialist in 2-3 books.

He noted that as preachers we MUST know all of scripture. But scripture is so vast and life is so short that we cannot be an expert in all of it. We need to pick 3-4 books that particularly strike us and spend our lives becoming experts in those books. By expert I take it that that that means that if we were asked to write a commentary on the book we would be able to do so. It means that we are the "go-to person" when someone has hard questions about that book or wants "the best" person available to speak on that book.

Ephesians, I Corinthians & Matthew seem to have become those books for me (although I haven't reached the expert status yet), but I have never picked an Old Testament book. I am drawn to Psalms, but it is so vast in and of itself that it seems overwhelming.

What books have you chosen/would you chose? What do you think of that concept?


Milton Stanley said...

I'd never looked at it that way, but it sounds like very good advice. Mine are remarkably close to yours: Ephesians, 1 Corinthians, Matthew, and the Gospel and letters of John.

Cal Habig said...

I think it helps to provide focus. Thanks for the comment. cph.

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