Sunday, March 23, 2008

Prayer Art on the Greatness of God

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and our focus was on the Greatness of God.  (My sermon was on the unique qualities of the name of Jesus from Acts 4:12.)  But as a part of the greater worship experience we gave everyone a 4x6 card and access to a basket of crayons.  We asked them, as the worship service went along, to focus on the greatness of God and to draw or write something that reflected that.  That drawing or writing was to be a prayer to God expressing their praise to him for his greatness as they perceived it.  They were welcome to work on that during any part of the worship service. 

They were encouraged, then at anytime in the service to get up and post it on one of two boards that we had set up at the back of the sanctuary.  If they weren't comfortable getting up, (or were hemmed in the middle of a pew) we encouraged them to post it as they left.  But I figured that if EVERYONE waited until the service was done, the crowds and lines would be so long that many would be discouraged from waiting to post and would just take it with them. 

The results were better than I expected.  Both the number of cards posted (maybe 150?) and the variety and quality of many of the depictions showed great thought during the service on the theme.  Let me share a few with you: 

PrayerArt0002PrayerArt0001 PrayerArt0003 PrayerArt0014 PrayerArt0004 PrayerArt0005 PrayerArt0020 PrayerArt0012 PrayerArt0013

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