Monday, March 3, 2008

Sermon Evaluation Questionnaire

Some time ago (Oct 28, 2007 I must admit, actually) I said that I was going to post the sermon evaluation form that I have used for several years on the site. A writer named George asked that I just link to the file. Alas...not knowing how to attach a file to Blogger AND also not having a server on which I can post files that are accessible, I put it off and finally forgot about it.

Fortunately my friend Bruce reminded me that I had never fulfilled my promise to make it available, so I did a little research and found I cannot attach files to Blogger. But I CAN embed picture files. So, with a little bit of manipulation here is the form in .jpg format. If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I will try to find another way to make it available.

Bruce (a consultant in the retail business market) said this about evaluation forms:
Regarding evaluation forms, David Ogilvie, one of the pioneers of modern advertising, stated "The best way to ruin great adverting is to run it by a committee". I'd suggest the same is true of sermons. I think a critique from honest critics who are sincere in trying to help is good but a general request for eedback I've found doesn't usually help.

(Just click on the picture to open it to full size)

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