Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Significance of Prayer

Prayer lies at the heart of all experience of God. In prayer God is known man_praying_center_for_biblical_counseling and met and touched. In prayer all our knowledge about God kindles into life. Our understanding of the Scripture gains personal illumination and power. Our whole conduct and career passes consciously under the divine judgment. In prayer the soul is molded and attuned to fresh obedience and confronted with new duty. Our relationship to others is seen in a new perspective, and conscience grows tender again. In prayer vision is clarified, the horizons are broadened, the goal becomes better defined and the inner resources by which the soul lives are replenished from eternal springs of power, hopefulness and peace. Prayerless religion is mere theory.

--Reginald E. O. White.


Beppo said...

That quote says so much! I used it in my last small group, though I didn't know who had originally said it. I searched today to find the author, which led me to your site.

These days it seems like prayer is neglected in many modern church services, but the church is supposed to be a house of prayer. And in our lives, prayer is foundational to living out the Christian life. I don't think it's possible to overstate the importance of praying.

Cal Habig said...

Glad you dropped by! I wish I could give you the specific book, but I can't. Your comments are straight up.

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