Monday, March 31, 2008

Young Lloyd Jones’s Sermon Feedback « Unashamed Workman

image Colin Adams has found a terrific piece of advice that a mature Welsh preacher gave to the sixty-year younger David Martyn Lloyd Jones upon hearing Lloyd Jones preach for the first time:

‘The great defect of that sermon this afternoon was this…that you were overtaxing your people, you were giving them too much…you are only stunning them and not helping them.’

What I found especially helpful was Colin's reply in the comment section about how Lloyd Jones responded/adjusted to the criticism?   Colin says:

I think he developed into a preacher who would preach dogmatically on one theme - expositionally of course. I wonder if this was part of the reason he preached on such small sections. Perhaps he didn’t want to fall into the trap of lecturing on numerous ideas, rather than one overarching application.

Apparently his mentor then added something along the lines of: “Now watch what I will be doing tonight. I will really be saying one thing, but in three different ways.”


Young Lloyd Jones’s Sermon Feedback « Unashamed Workman


Anonymous said...

i suppose that if one is often sharing to a congregation that it would be helpful to have loving and honest feedback. i find that preachers often exclude them selves from being part of the body or congregation in ways that may not be necessary. all in the body is in need of eachother.

Cal Habig said...

I have posted several posts on evaluation and congregational response. You might find this one interesting:

Also search in my topics under "evaluation" or "response"

As for the being part of the is indeed a delicate subject. In our culture where we have the phenomenon of a paid pastoral leadership and (at least in a congregational system like ours) where individual members can get a pastor fired, it does temper one's enthusiasm for being too transparent. It is critical that pastor have a strong support (AND ACCOUNTABILITY) network. Unfortunately, most pastors I know have had to find that in the broader church and not in the local congregation where they serve. "All in the body is in need of each other" as you say, but the body of Christ is broader than the local congregation. IMHO at least. Thanks for the comment!! Good thoughts.

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