Friday, April 4, 2008

30 Worn Out Preacher Perspectives In Need of the "Oh Really?" Factor

Not all of Satan's temptations come in the form of the Seven Deadly Sins. Many times the mental games we play are as destructive as an external temptation. In about 15 minutes I came up with a list of preacher perspectives that we need to at least have someone ask, "Oh, really...?"

  1. I have too much (pastoral care, imageadministrative, teaching, family, etc.) work to adequately prepare for preaching
  2. No church would hire me. I'm too (old, young, fat, non-white, whatever)
  3. I don't need any formal education, I just need God's call.
  4. I have a degree, I am totally read to preach wherever.
  5. Writing for publication is a distraction from preaching and ministry.
  6. Church people learn best from a direct lecture.
  7. You are a loser if you read other people's sermons for ideas.
  8. I don't need a Palm pilot, blackberry, organizer, Daytimer or any other tool to keep my on task.
  9. I need to be just like __________.
  10. I can't learn anything from any other preachers/mentors.
  11. Only those preachers who preach in big churches are effective.
  12. A preacher can't/shouldn't have friends in the church.
  13. I would have been more effective if I had never married.
  14. I can't be effective unless I AM married.
  15. If I can't do everything that needs to be done in this church, therefore, I can't do anything.
  16. There is no one in this church who wants to change.
  17. There is no one in this church who is critical of my ministry.
  18. It is carnal to think of investing for my retirement.
  19. Everything in ministry is of equal importance and effectiveness.
  20. I can never get my e-mail Inbox down to zero
  21. The next church will be easier than this one.
  22. If I found the perfect church everything would be OK in my life
  23. If I step away from ministry to gain perspective. I could never get back in.
  24. My congregation never wants to hear anyone but me in the pulpit.
  25. I can't leave this church. Everything will fall apart.
  26. I can not understand today's culture.
  27. Christians always vote (Republican/Democratic in US; Labour/Conservative in UK)
  28. My people want straight exposition. They can apply the Bible to their lives themselves.
  29. My people only want topical sermons that have obvious direct application. They don't really want to know the specifics of a Bible book.
  30. There's nothing I can do about it.

(Thanks to for a similar list from a different angle)

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