Monday, April 28, 2008

6 Ways to Recharge the Batteries

I have yet to find a preacher who has a good balance on work, family and personal time.  It is a constant struggle.  In that mix is the need to "recharge the batteries."

image Mike St. Pierre has an interesting blog called "The Daily Saint." Mike is a former youth minister who is now a school administrator in New Jersey. 

He has created a list entitled "A Minimalist Guide to Weekend Renewal."  Now, whether your weekend is actually Saturday-Sunday (mine NEVER has been), still the idea of some simple ideas for recharging the batteries are always helpful. He states:

Weekend time can easily get swallowed up in errands, birthday parties for kids and house work.  Even for church-goers, weekend time can get absorbed in a myriad of programs and events.  The key, as usual, is to simplify. Here are some minimalist ideas for your Saturday and Sunday.

My favorite is #3:

Capture a moment with nature. Don't just go for a walk but get in the car and find some inspiring piece of nature that you can enjoy.  Choose a park, a scenic overlook or even a courtyard within a museum.  Just sit and enjoy.

You can find his complete list of six ideas here.

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