Monday, April 28, 2008

The Connection Counts << Biblical Preaching

imagePeter Mead over at Biblical Preaching has a great article on the difference between preaching to a crowd who knows you and a crowd who does not.

He concludes:

If you preach to the same people every week, recognize the importance your connections and relationships have in regard to your preaching. If you are preaching to people who don’t know you, be aware of the risks that come when connection can only come from the delivery itself. Empathy and connection count whether people know you or not, and we are wise to think through the implications of this in our preaching.

He gives an excellent personal example.  You can find it here.


Peter Mead said...

Hi Cal, thanks for linking to my site. I was just wondering why you have a picture of the Norrona I on this page? I was just on the ship (now the Logos Hope) earlier this month.

Cal Habig said...

I did a Google Image search on Operation Mobilization ships because that is where your example came from and this is one of the ones that came up. Is it not an OM ship?

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