Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't Begin Your Sermons Too Well!

image Bob Shannon has an interesting quote from Krohl on preaching introductions:

“The introduction should not be too good”

That may seem strange! He then follows it with a similar quote by Broadus that explains a little what Krohl means:

"It [the introduction] should not seem to promise too much in its thoughts, style or delivery."

Shannon reflects on these quotes "It is a promise to the listener (explicit or implicit) that they want to be kept."

There is a fine balance. I want the introduction to be good enough to arrest attention and to spark interest. But Broadus' comment that it should not promise too much is an important reminder. I am not going to explain "everything" about a subject or text. I am not going to provide evidence that will "force" everyone to agree with my position.

There needs to be enthusiasm and interest, but must point to what the sermon actually contains.

Thanks again, Bob.

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