Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nazi Redux

image For anyone who is interested here is a follow-up to my post on Nazis and Preaching.

The American Nationalist Socialist Workers party has both posted the letter that the Tigard ministers published: here. (He got it from today's Lake Oswego Review. Lake Oswego is another Portland suburb, directly across I-5 from Tigard).

Additionally Bill White (pictured), the national commander of the ANSWP has responded here. (Creatively sub-titled, "Like We Care What Some Judaized Bolshevik Pseudo-Christians Think")

At least he clearly confirms the point of our letter...there is nothing Christian about Nazi hatred and fear and prejudice. It was simply important that when these flags were flown (whether it was a Middle-school boy-prank or not), that it not be met with total community silence, (as it had been). It seemed (and seems) important that someone stood up and said "This is not acceptable and does not represent the Christian people of this community." It is well known that much of the German Protestant church acquiesced to the Nazis and that even the Pope at the time--Pius XII--seems complicit at least by silence.

The Nazis have the first amendment right to do this (although that it was done in the cover of night speaks volumes), but we also have the first-amendment right and the Christian responsibility to denounce the hatred which this symbol represents.

My prayer continues to be that Bill White "still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord's disciples," (Acts 9:1) will have the same experience that Saul did in the rest of Acts chapter 9.

As for preaching, I haven't yet mentioned it from the pulpit, but if it gets more public than this, I probably will need to.

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Bill White said...

Sorry. I grew up beyond Judaized-Christianity, its self-doubt, and its self-hatred a long time ago.

Why didn't you publish some excerpts from "Serpents", and the destructive nature of your worship of the pagan Jewish sea serpent Yahweh / Jehovah?

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