Wednesday, May 28, 2008

291 Posts Later: What Have Been Your Top Three?

image 365 days and 291 posts later, last Saturday marked my first anniversary writing this blog, Talking the Walk.  I am even more committed to it than when I began a year ago.  I have had lots of fun with it; I have benefited from it; and I hope it has been of some small inspiration or help to others. 

I am putting together a Top Ten list of my top ten posts for this year.  Can you help me?  If you have been reading Talking the Walk and you have two or three that are your favorites, can you either reply to this post with which ones have been your favorites, or for those shy ones out there (I know you're there...)  you can privately send your list to me at  Thanks.  Watch for the list in the next week.


Milton Stanley said...

Tops is your four-part series on reading the Bible out-loud. Best single post is the one about preaching 'beyond' what the Bible explicitly says.

Cal Habig said...

Thanks for the input Milton. Blessings.

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