Wednesday, May 21, 2008

44 Ways to Waste a Theological Education

imageCharles Saville points to a good post by Derek Brown on how to waste a theological education.  While it is written from the point view of of someone still in seminary, I found it helpful for my soul. (It is eminently possible to waste an education AFTER you have graduated).  I picked out my top 10 ways:  

  1. Mistake the amount of education you receive with the actual knowledge you obtain. Keep telling yourself, “I’ll really start learning this stuff when I do my Th.M or my Ph.D.”
  2. Practice misquoting and misrepresenting positions and ideas you don’t agree with. Be lazy and don’t attempt to understand opposing views; instead, nurse your prejudices and exalt your opinions by superficial reading and listening.
  3. Set aside fellowship and accountability with fellow brothers in Christ.
  4. Let your study of divine things become dull, boring, lifeless, and mundane.
  5. Make the mistake of thinking that your education guarantees your success in ministry.
  6. Gain knowledge in order to merely teach others. Don’t expend the effort it takes to deal with your own heart.
  7. Don’t serve the poor, visit the sick, or care for widows and orphans - save that stuff for the uneducated, non-seminary trained, lay Christians.
  8. Appear spiritual and knowledgeable at all costs. Don’t let others see your imperfections and ignorance, even if it means you have to lie.
  9. Love books and theology and ministry more than the Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. Don’t really try to learn the languages - let Bible Works do all the work for you.

You can find the complete list here.

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