Friday, May 16, 2008

Brilliant Conception and Presentation are Not Enough.

Leroy Lawson tells the story of a time when Abraham Lincoln went to church. He and his bodyguard were allowed to listen to the sermon from the preacher's (Dr.Gurley) office.

image When it was done, the bodyguard asked the president, "What did you think of tonight's sermon?"

"It was brilliantly conceived, biblical, relevant and well presented."

"So, it was a great sermon?"

"No, it failed. It failed because Dr. Gurley did not ask us to do something great."

Many times I would settle for sermons that are brilliantly conceived, biblical, relevant and well presented.  But in reality, unless I can answer people's so what and call them to be something great, then I have failed.  At least failed to make the sermon all that it could/should have been.

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