Friday, May 30, 2008

Cases in Missing the Point, #235 - The Boston Globe


Is this really the purpose of seminary? Andover-Newton Seminary is concerned that evangelicals are ahead of mainline churches because of their expertise in technology. So they are going to help ministerial students produce video resumes, learn to produce streaming video and produce and edit podcasts. Part of the article:

NEWTON - Saying evangelicals have gotten too far ahead of mainline Protestants in the use of technology to reach out to the unchurched, a liberal Protestant seminary here is launching a new program to train future clergy in high-tech evangelization.

The seminary, Andover Newton Theological School, is joining the Massachusetts Bible Society in establishing a media center that will also coach pastors on creating better websites and podcasts, train seminarians on the liturgical uses of video, and offer material on biblical interpretation to congregations and clergy around the country.

Find the entire article here.

Call me old fashioned, but that doesn't seem to be the point of seminary. Let's teach them the Bible; let's teach them doctrine; let's teach them to preach. Let's teach them the importance of equipping the body and finding those people in the body who already have the skills to do these technological tasks. Can you imagine a medical school emphasizing in their training of doctors how to put a medical encyclopedia on their websites?

Although an outsider looking in, I generally have a heart for main-line churches and their struggles to keep from dying off. But this seems to be more indicative of the problem than it is a viable solution.

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