Saturday, May 17, 2008

Five Core Values from Three Experienced Preachers 1

A few years back three experienced preachers from our fellowship of churches were asked to share five core values for preaching and ministry.  I found what they said helpful. 

image John Russell has preached at Lakeside Christian Church in Lakeside Park, KY (in the Cincinnati, OH area) for 38 years (since October 1970.  (His brother is Bob Russell, the pastor of the massive Southeast Christian Church in Louisville).

John's five core values for preaching and ministry are: 

1. Bend the knee humbly

  1. a) to God;
  2. b) learn the servant-leader mentality

2. Learn how to build relationships

        • within your church
        • with other preachers

3. Always bring glad tidings

Five Times People Want to See Their Preacher's Face (Bob Shannon)  When there is a...

  • Death
  • Birth
  • Marriage
  • Illness
  • They are accepting or have just accepted Christ

4. Learn to battle wisely. Learn to know which issues are cancer and which issues are only measles (if left alone, they will eventually go away)

5. Bear up bravely.  Hardship is not the exception.  Don't whine.  Suffer graciously. 

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