Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Five Core Values from Three Experienced Preachers 3

A few years back three experienced preachers from our fellowship of churches were asked to share five core values for preaching and ministry.  I found what they said helpful. 

imageDr. Barry McCarty is the preaching minister of the Valley View Christian Church in Dallas, Texas. He is also the former President of Cincinnati Bible Seminary/College. He also has served as the speaker on The Christians' Hour radio program since 1996.

He poses his five values for preaching in questions:

1. Is this biblical?

2. Is this sermon going to be relevant to the the needs of the people to whom I am preaching?

3. Am I making this sermon interesting?  They need both information as well as images. 

  • "He is a good speaker who can turn an ear into an eye." --Arab proverb.
  • Jesus created pictures in people's minds. 
      • "When Jesus preached, he projected filmstrip images onto the mental screens of the minds of his listeners."
      • "Your listener's brain lie behind their eyes, just as much as it does between the ears."

4. Does this sermon cast the vision? (God's vision for the church.)

The people want to know...

  • that you know where you are going
  • that you are really going to get there.
  • whether or not  they should go with you.

5. Have I prayed about this sermon enough?

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