Monday, May 5, 2008

People Buy Into People First


One of my favorite bloggers is Scott Ginsburg.  Scott lived (briefly) here in Portland where I met him when he was working at a furniture liquidation warehouse.  Scott is a 27 year old young man who began wearing a nametag for a research project in college and has worn a nametag every day ever since. (Something like 2500 straight days).  He now lives in/near St. Louis and speaks to business groups on approachability and how it affects business success.

Yesterday he had a video on his site excerpting from a lecture he did somewhere.  But in it he quotes a girl who "gets" why approachability is so important.  The girl is Jenny Grody, is a 16 year old student who, after hearing Scott at an international youth leader training event, made the following statement.

"All leaders have to be approachable.  If people can't come up to you, how will they ever get behind you?"

That seems like a no-brainer until you realize how many preachers do not work on their approachability factor, either in their preaching or in their interpersonal relationships.  People buy into people first.  They don't FIRST buy into a church, but they buy into individuals, particularly in the leader/up-front person.  (Of course they have to "buy into" Christ first, but I am really talking about why people choose to be a part of one specific church fellowship).

The whole segment is good, as is lots of other stuff on his site.   Check it out. I have learned and am learning a lot from Scott. You can find it here.

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