Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stewardship Killers


Andy Stanley lists three Stewardship Killers.  These are ways that if expressed or experienced, will kill people's desire/motivation to give. 

Note that it is not the REALITY of these things.  It is the PERCEPTION of them in the mind of the giver. 

The perception of:

  1. Ingratitude –People give for many reasons, but if they perceive that we are not appreciative, they will dry up their giving or give elsewhere.  (Stanley notes that any gift $10K or higher, his secretary is expected to give him the name and then he calls & thanks them by phone or drops them a note.  While I think that this is a good policy, I am not privy to what people give.  It also overlooks the widow's mite factor.)
  2. Waste-If people feel that their money is not being used wisely, or is being wasted, they will stop giving.
  3. Duplicity –be extraordinarily transparent.  Stanley says he would rather over trust people's ability to handle information than under trust that ability.  He notes, "If you treat them all as dumb, you will chase off the smart ones and be left with only the dumb ones."   Ouch!

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