Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Do I Want FOR Them?

Andy Stanley in a lecture on developing stewardship in your  people makes a valid & fascinating point about motivating people to give. image

He says that we must...

  • Preach Stewardship
  • Teach Stewardship
  • Celebrate Stewardship
  • Apply Stewardship

Specifically he said that we must

  1. Preaching Stewardship Motivates
  2. Teaching Stewardship Educates
  3. Celebrating Stewardship Punctuates
  4. Applying Stewardship Authenticates (Stewardship begins with a look in the mirror)

But as he talks about preaching (on) stewardship he makes what is to me a very helpful comment.  He said, "You’ve got to show your people what you want FOR them (particularly financially) before you can tell them what you want FROM them financially." If people only think we want something for them, they will be even more resistant to hearing about stewardship. But if we are clear first about what we want FOR them (freedom from the stresses that come from debt, the ability to obey God because we are financially free, able to receive the blessings from God that accompany faithful giving to him, etc.).  I found this resource quite helpful.

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