Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wow. Piper on Thinking.

I know it is not kosher just to copy another blogger's post, but I don't know how to really summarize well Colin Adam's quote from John Piper on reading-vs-thinking.  It is one of the best things I have read in a long time:

We make a great mistake when we think that study consists  mainly in reading (as commonly understood)—even reading the Bible. Many think they have studied well when they have spent the morning reading through some worthy book of divinity. And thus the measure of our study becomes the number of books that we have read.


But my own conviction is that fruitful study is primarily thinking not reading. My guess is that reading, which was meant to become a stimulus and guide to independent thinking, usually becomes a substitute for it. The evidence for this is how many books we read and how little we write down. Fresh thinking must always be put down on paper to get it clear and preserve it for use. Much reading and little thinking makes for a second-hand pastor. And it is not easy to preach and teach second-hand truths with power.


(extract taken from The Ministry of the Word, Ordination of

Steve Roy, Acts 6:1-6, November 25, 1984)

This reinforces my increasing desire/need to be constantly writing. 

Thanks Colin.  You can find his blog with this post here.

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