Thursday, June 5, 2008

Advice: Preaching Seminars/Workshops?

I could use some advice from my readership. One of my goals for 2008 was/is to attend two preaching workshops/seminars this year. So far I am batting 0.

  • Western Seminary here in Portland has its Spurgeon Fellowship lectureships, but I found out about them the day before their spring one and I was already booked. The next one is in September & it is on my calendar (Kent Hughes is the speaker), but I am looking for something more extensive than that.
  • Cascade College is here in Portland, and I found out about their Expositors Conference the week after it happened.
  • The Text and Context Conference up in Seattle (sponsored by Mars Hill Church) was one I was planning on plugging into. I had lined up housing with my son & his wife in Monroe, WA. And then when I went to register, it was booked full. The tapes have been good to listen to, but it's not the same as being there and the networking and relationship building is also a critical piece that you miss on MP3.
  • Northwest Christian College down in Eugene always has their Rice-Seifke lectureship on preaching. Except they canceled it this year.
  • I attended the Festival of Homiletics in Nashville in May of was part of the impetus for beginning this blog. And I hoped to go this year, but it overlapped with my sons graduation from college. (It was in Minneapolis this year).
  • Preaching Magazine had their workshop in Washington D.C. on Preaching and Culture, but the list of speakers were all pretty right-wing and it turned me off. There was genuinely no one there I wanted to hear...or I pretty well knew what they would say.

image I am finding Preaching West in Newport Beach, VA Oct 20-21, and have tentatively penciled that in (speakers: Dan Kimball, John Huffman, James Wilson from Golden Gate Baptist Seminary, Michael Diduit of Preaching Magazine & John Webb from Hope International University...the place from where my son just graduated last month). But that is a 24 hour thing and it seems like a long ways to go for a 24-hour thing. I still may go, however.

Calvin Theological Seminary (in Grand Rapids, MI) have several things coming up this year: "Imaginative Reading for Creative Preaching" (Cornelius Planinga) and "From Text to Sermon" (Frederick Bruner & Scott Hoezee) both in July.

Do you know of quality workshops/seminars that you would recommend that are happening in the second half of the year? West coast is helpful, Pacific Northwest is even better! But neither is absolutely essential. (John Brand & Colin Adams...I would love to come to Great Britain & participate in one of your workshops, but the swim is a killer!!)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I will share whatever suggestions I get with the rest of you!!


revhipchick said...

preaching from the center will be in new mexico this fall--it looks fabulous.,4

Cal Habig said...

Thanks. I checked it out. I does look good. cph.

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