Saturday, June 7, 2008

Interesting Stats on Marriage

image One of the things I find most interesting about these stats is that for several years we have been lambasted with the statistic that the divorce rate for evangelical Christians is at least the same and in some studies MORE than the divorce rate for the general population.  This seems a bit more encouraging:

78% of U.S. adults have been married at least once and 33% of those have been divorced at least once says a new Barna Group study. 84% of born-again Christian adults have tied the knot, versus 74% of people aligned with non-Christian faiths and 65% of atheists and agnostics. Those with the most prolific divorce rate are downscale adults (39%), Baby Boomers (38%), those aligned with a non-Christian faith (38%), African-Americans (36%), and people who define themselves to be socially and politically liberal (37%). Those with lowest likelihood of divorce are Catholics (28%), evangelicals (26%), upscale adults (22%), Asians (20%) and those who deem themselves socially and politically conservative (28%).
Barna Update 3/31/08 via Church Leadership Intelligence Report


Loretta said...

what is the difference between downscale and upscale?

Cal Habig said...

Acc to the American Heritage Dictionary:
DOWNSCALE-of, for, or relating to low-income consumers: mass-produced downscale versions of high-priced fashions.

UPSCALE-adj. of, intended for, or relating to high-income consumers: an upscale neighborhood; upscale fashions.

(I don't justify, I just report-cph)

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