Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rick Warren: Six Things That Are True About Everyone

Dave Ferguson is sharing his notes from a conference at Saddleback.  Rick Warren made the following list: 


  1. Everyone wants to be loved.
  2. Everyone wants their life to count.
  3. Everyone wants Christ.
  4. Everyone feels guilty.
  5. Everyone is consumed with bitterness over past hurt.
  6. Everyone is afraid of death.

imageI vacillate on whether or not I agree with the list.  If the list said, "at some point in their lives everyone...."  I would have less issue with it.  I know people whose consciences have been seared.  I have a woman in my church now whose cancer is arrested and she is angry at God because she WANTS to die and be with her Lord.  While I would agree that "At some point in their lives, everyone knows bitterness over past hurts," as it is stated I don't agree.  A six year old child may easily not be consumed with bitterness. 

The one I disagreed with first, which now I don't disagree with so much is #3.  "Everyone wants Christ."  I would disagree with the statement as it stands.  But if it were worded, "Everyone wants Christ, what he represents or what he brings to live," then I might have much more agreement. 

  • Christ represents connection with God.
  • Christ beings forgiveness of sin
  • Christ brings hope after death
  • Christ brings power to overcome sin and temptation.

Those I can buy into.  But the bold faced statement that "Everyone wants Christ," seems brazenly naive.

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