Thursday, June 26, 2008

Value Those Volunteers


While not strictly about preaching, we all recognize that without the volunteer services (we prefer to call it "ministry activities") of our church family, ministry would never happen:

The value of a volunteer hour nearly kept pace with inflation during ’07, increasing 3.94% while consumer prices tracked at 4.1%. The estimate for the value of a volunteer hour jumped 74¢, from $18.77 in ’06 to $19.51 in ’07, reports the Independent Sector, a coalition of nonprofits and foundations. Volunteers play a vital role in helping America’s 1.4 million charitable organizations improve lives across the country and around the world.
--Non-Profit Times 4/17/08 via the Church Leaders Intelligence Report

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Mark Rust said...

There's an interesting series of articles over on the Agile Ministry blog on dealing with volunteers:

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