Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beyond Churched and Unchurched

image The phrases "Churched" and "Unchurched" have always bugged me.  A person is not living according to the Kingdom of God just because he or she is "churched."  A person will not go to heaven just because she or he is "churched."  I am sure it is an attempt to get away from the saved/unsaved labels that have been no abused in our culture. ("He has lived like a pagan for the past 50 years, but thank God he was 'saved' as a 5 year old child.")

The Ellison Research group dug into the statistics a little deeper.  I find the information interesting, although I admit, I am not sure what practical use the information is: 

If adults are placed in more realistic categories based on their normal behavior, attendance stats at religious services would look like this: 11% attend more than once a week. 22% attend once a week. 14% attend 2-3 times a month. 5% attend once a month. 9% attend occasionally, not on a regular basis. 10% attend only on religious holidays. 29% do not attend at all. The study also found if an adult attended worship services regularly at some point before the age of 18, there is a 55% chance that person is currently attending once a month or more. If the person never attended prior to age 18, there is only a 21% chance he/she is currently attending worship services on a regular basis. When someone grows up in a home where both a mother and father occasionally attend religious services, there is a 62% chance that individual is now regularly attending services as an adult. If only one parent attends services occasionally, there is a 50% chance that grown adult is now regularly attending worship. But when an individual grows up with neither parent regularly attending worship services, the chances of that person regularly attending is only at 33%. Ron Sellers, President of Ellison Research, said, "We estimate that up to 43 million adults who do not regularly attend worship services will visit a church or place of worship at some point during the year."
Christian Post 7/17/08

The information is a great support for the importance of an active children's and youth ministry (as if such additional support were needed). 

What about you?  Do you see any practical use for the above information more than just interest?

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Loretta said...

interesting statistics and somewhat sobering. I agree it validates putting a lot of effort into families and especially our youth.

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