Friday, July 4, 2008

Devotional Works on Deuteronomy

image I am using the Global Bible Reader from Libronix as my devotional guide this year.  I am using M'Cheyne's Bible reading schedule (through OT one time, through NT & Psalms twice in a year).  I have just finished Deuteronomy and have not found it particularly uplifting.  I don't know why, but this time I found that book particularly hard to enjoy and benefit from.  The "Global" aspect of the "Global Bible Reader" is that you are reading with people from all around the globe and you can comment on the readings and people, literally from around the world, can respond. I asked for advice on devotional commentaries on Deuteronomy and here is what I got: 

Newtownabbey, UK:  Pentateuch by CHM, David Guzik online commentary, Be Equipped (Wiersbe),

Lancaster PA: The Gospel in Deuteronomy by Henry Law

If you were to recommend a devotional commentary on Deuteronomy, what would you suggest? 

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