Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Substitute Fact Finding for Thinking

image I have been really blessed  by an article by Lee Eclov, "What Makes a Sermon Deep?". 

It is a relatively short article, but has several really helpful comments.  One of the ones that hit me hard was "Don't substitute endless fact-finding for thinking.

Folks who love to study [that's me] never want to stop. [me again].  There is always one more word to trace, one more commentator to check out, a leftover handful o cross-references to read.  But there is limited time to prepare a sermon, and if we take all our time in research and writing, we leave no time to ponder.  We are not preparing a term paper; we are preparing our hearts as much as our heads.

I think that this goes well with the previous post on Bible teaching.  Obviously there is nothing wrong with teaching the is an essential part of preaching.  But it is not the sum of preaching.  Preaching must reach the heart as much as the head. 

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