Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sound System Update

An update on last night's message and the sound system.  When  I arrived at the bonfire area, I was __________ (add in an imageadjective for frustrated and upset).   The sound system that I had worked with and gotten to work was now completely gone!  There was no amplifier or speakers even to be seen.  I was really agitated.  Fortunately, I had arrived 40 minutes before I was to speak so that I had time to remedy this "travesty"!  I went hunting around for the people in authority to find out what had happened.  Fortunately I ran across Tom R (in charge of taking kids fishing on the lake this week & the chair of my elders).  He had one of the walkie-talkies.  I asked him if he could call up one of the directors. At first I didn't tell him why, but after I did, he "enlightened" me.  One of the kitchen guys who had been really obviously agitated about how bad the sound system had been the night before had come in after I had worked on it and totally physically rebuilt the system.  The speakers (new speakers) were located in the speaker boxes mounted on trees--like they were supposed to be.  He had physically rewired everything and taken away the old corroded amp and replaced it with a new one.  It also was tucked away in the case hanging on the it was supposed to be!!!  It worked like a dream!  Again, the body of Christ came through.  An audiophile that I did not even know about came and did his role in the body.  Thanks John H (although I'm sure he doesn't read this) and thanks God for creating the body of Christ!

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