Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are We Asking the Right Questions?

imageI am working my way through the old classic "The Disciple-Making Pastor."  A quote from early on in the book really struck me:

The timeworn work of the pastor, such as a solid exegetical preaching, prayer, and disciple-making, have gone out of style.  We determine a successful church by how many come to the Sunday morning performance.  How good is the preacher, how talented the musicians, how charged the atmosphere, how big the offerings and beautiful the buildings?  These things warm the heart.  Many have stopped asking the right questions, What are those gathered for the performance like? Are they penetrating their worlds for Christ? Are they walking in integrity before God, are they placing Him first financially?  Are they committed to world evangelism?  These are the right questions.   (p. 41)

That's why this book has become a classic. 

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