Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Butler: Alliteration










In his little brochure, Alliterated Sermon Outlines, John G. Butler gives five different ways to alliterate the points of a sermon outline:

    • Same Beginning (Letter)
      • Passion of God’s love: “so”
      • Perimeter of God’s love: “the world”
      • Proof of God’s love: “He gave”
      • Price of God’s love: “gave His only begotten Son”
      • Prerequisite for God’s love: “believeth”
      • Protection by God’s love: “shall not perish”
      • Provision of God’s love: “have everlasting life”
    • Same Beginning (Prefix)
      • unwanted, unable, unfaithful.
    • Same Ending (Suffix)
      • Psalm 119: information, obligation, regulation, compensation, adoration.
    • Same Ending (Subject)
      • A Genesis 15:1
        • Word of God: “Word of the LORD came to Abraham”
        • Comfort of God: “Fear not”
        • Shield of God: “I am thy shield”
        • Reward of God: “I am…thy…great reward”
    • Same Sound (Assonance-Rhyming)

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