Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Frazee: The Three Legs of Preaching

In an audio interview with Preaching Today a while back, Randy Frazee talks about the threeimage legs of preaching.  He has identified sixty elements of Christian maturity and discipleship and he makes sure that his preaching died includes each of them every year. The three legs are :theological, biblical, and practical. In other words Christian maturity is developed as we have a set of beliefs that renew our minds, a set of practices that we put into play, and a set of virtues that God wants us to become (i.e. Know, Do, Be).

Frazee’s ten core beliefs are: The Trinity; Salvation by grace; Authority of the Bible; Personal God; Identity in Christ; Belief in the church; God's view of humanity; Compassion; Eternity; Stewardship

The ten practices are: Worship; Prayer; Bible study; Single mindedness; Biblical community; Giving away my time; Giving away my faith; Giving away my life; Giving away my money; Spiritual gifts

The virtues are things we're pursuing to become. Essentially they are the fruit of the Spirit. They are: Joy and peace; Self-control; Faith and faithfulness; Humility; Love; Patience; Gentleness; Kindness; Goodness: Hope

He has much more to say about this, (and any kind of list like this is artificial) but I find a list like this sparks my own sense of direction and purpose in preaching.

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