Saturday, August 23, 2008

From The Event to the events.

image E. Stanley Jones was a long-time Methodist missionary to India, a friend of Gandhi and a tireless writer and speaker.  He made two attempts at writing his autobiography, but refused to allow either one to be published.  The first he thought was too full of insignificant events. In the second he tried to tell the big events of his life and then philosophize about life in general.  But it, too, was unacceptable to Jones.

He later (as he tells in his introduction to his third--and successful--attempt) found why the first two had failed.  They were attempts to begin with the events of his life and through them to point to The Event, Christ himself. He states: "Christ has been, and is, to me the Event."  But he had it backwards.  He needed to begin with The Event and through that Event, understand the events of his life.

I am using this as an illustration on my sermon tomorrow on Acts 13:13-41 focusing on the centrality of God both to history as well as to our lives.  We will look at the 15 things that Saul/Paul says, in his sermon at Pisidian Antioch, that God is.

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